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The first and only treatment for pediatric and adult patients with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)1

A zephyr is a light, welcome breeze. A refreshing change that comes with a gentle touch. And that is exactly what we aim to deliver with the Zephyr patient support program. We provide access to nurse consultants who are sensitive to the needs of patients living with SMA and their families and carers. Zephyr offers a range of support, including:

How Zephyr supports you

For patients currently prescribed SPINRAZA® for SMA, the Zephyr HCP Portal allows you to efficiently communicate appropriate details to the Zephyr team to take care of the enrolment process. The Zephyr HCP Portal also provides you with an overview of the support your referred patients will be receiving from the nurse consultants.

Explore the following components:

Set your communication preferences by choosing what information you want to receive on each patient, who it is sent to, and what Zephyr services you wish your patients to access.

If you would like to access the Zephyr HCP Portal, contact the team on 1800 ZEPHYR (1800 937 497) or or contact your Biogen team member.